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My latest performance with Beau Sia, Regie Cabico, Michelle Myers (Yellow Rage), Simone Jacobson, Gowri K., Adriel Luis and G Yamazawa at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage can now be watched online! Click here to check it out.


I am ecstatic to announce that my new e-book, One Ounce Gold, is now on sale to the public! The price? PAY WHAT YOU WANT! I tried to create a “Free” option, but PayPal wouldn’t allow it, so the closest to free you can get is one penny (Option 2). You can even read the whole thing below before you buy it.

The back cover blurb:

Profound and personal, One Ounce Gold offers a complex perspective of our physical and metaphysical worlds while exploring the exponential power of human potential. Through the fierce, honest and vulnerable female voice, One Ounce Gold honors a family’s refugee past, critiques American race & politics, and urges all of us to live with the greatest depths of courage and compassion in our hearts.


One Ounce Gold is a collection of my poems throughout the past few years. It captures a wide range of experiences, emotions and perspectives, reflecting my evolution as a writer and a human being.

Thank you.



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